Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is my first post in my first blog. Lemme give a quick introduction about me and put down my ideas for this blog.

About me : I'm Anil Kishore. Some of my undergrad friends still don't know my real name and call me 'RedAnt' ( dc++ nick ). I'm from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. I have done my schooling at Tirupati, Chittoor and Nellore ( thanks to my mom's transfers in Doordarshan once in 4 years ). I have a B.Tech in ICT from DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Masters ( by Research ) in CSE from IIIT-Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I'll be joining Facebook, California in October 2012.

About this blog : I have always encouraged my friends and juniors to maintain a blog, but I never followed it myself. I have authored a couple of blogs as part of TAship, mainly for assignment editorials. This one is the bloggy blog. I love talking to People ( about them or teaching ), Programming ( algorithmic problem solving ) and Pondering some thoughts ( mostly philosophical ), and so this blog is about these 3 Ps.

People : I plan to take short interviews of people I came across and admire a lot. The topics may vary from 'How was your experience (job/trip/contest) ?' to 'How is your life after marriage ?' :)

Programming :
  • Algorithmic Programming Contests : Being an active member in Topcoder community and a few other contests, I get a lot of queries from juniors, to explain some concept or tricks. I'll not write about standard and basic things for which plenty of tutorials are available already. I'll write about things which are not yet popular, about 'Aha' problems, experiences.
  • Software Development : Though I'm into programming and stuff, I hardly played with basic technologies and tools. All I'm good at currently is, solving a problem by writing code in a single C/C++/Java file and some basic HTML. I want to experiment myself, if these + conscious mind are enough to start working in a 'high paced', 'startup like' work environment like Facebook. I hope to keep you updated on this.

Ponder : I'm a big fan of Kung Fu Panda ( both movies and 'Awesomeness' series ) and many times I felt I'm more like the Panda, both in size and demeanor ;). Most of my handles in various contests have suffix 'Ant', so I named the blog 'kungfuant' - hard working, cooperative, patient, energetic, learn from mistakes. Just like each episode in the series, we will pick a topic or situation, discuss clearly and conclude something ( or nothing ) from it. This is supposed to be non-technical.

I hope this blog also helps me to look back at myself after a few years. But the other main purpose of this blog is to entertain you by sharing ideas, knowing about our friends, learning new things. If you want someones interview or learn about some algorithmic concept, you can suggest the same in comments here. I'm not particular about hosting platform, blog design, widgets etc., just want a broad white area to put text and images, comments and sharing feature. Blogger seems very easy to use, please give some blogging tips to take care.

~ AK


  1. Nice idea macha, hope to enjoy your blogs thoroughly ! :)

  2. I am looking forward to this blog. Don't disappoint me :)

    1. I don't know what you like ( all I know is Google+ == Raziman :p ). Some of the content will be helpful for beginners and others for my own fun. May not be interesting to higher level guys like you ;) .. except may be some short interviews.

    2. I like reading random stuff, and I somehow expect "nice" random stuff from you :)
      Given that you know Google+ == Raziman, it would be nice if you share a g+ link each time you put up a post

  3. Nice intro ra..looking forward to read more about the 3 'P's

  4. Good hobby Mr. Ant !! :)
    I need more options for the 'Gabbar singh' poll :P

  5. Great Anil ... finally you are into blogging ... ALL THE BEST!!

  6. Looking forward to the blog. Especially 'People' :)

  7. Looking forward to this blog...
    Would be interesting to know how you started working on these kind of problems, the problems you faced on your way to become a Yellow Coder, and also, something you would advice to people who lack some confidence after facing a few low ranks in some contests.